Monday, April 23, 2012


This is our itinerary for our great trip to the United States. The three pages are in different sizes. Why? I do not know how I'd managed to create this - perhaps it's the default within the blog design. Nevertheless our expected highlights are:

* Pearl Harbour and visiting the USS Arizona, Hawaii
* A day trip to the Big Island Hawaii to see the volcanoes
* Walking down the "Strip" in Las Vegas
* Taking a heliocopter ride over the West Rim, Grand Canyon
* Walking the Skywalk in the Grand Canyon
* Touring the White House, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery and Museums in Washington DC
* Taking a heliocopter ride over Manhattan New Yok City
* Visiting some TV and Movie locations in New York City
* Visiting Boston and sitting on Norm's seat at Cheers
* Eyeballing the Niagara Falls
* Visiting Toronto in Canada
* Driving a Ford Mustang to Charleston and Savannah
* Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
* Visiting Monument Valley, Utah
* Visiting Bryce Canyon and The Arches National Park
* Visiting Colorado and staying at resorts along the Rockies
* Driving to Salt Lake City
* Watching Old Faithful inside Yellowstone National Park
* Encountering bears and buffaloes
* Staying in the Black Mountains of South Dakota
* Visiting Deadwood, South Dakota location of Calamity Jane & Wild Bill Hickok
* Viewing Mount Rushmore
* Passing through Custer's Last Stand
* Staying a few days in the Glacier National Park, Montana
* Visiting Seattle and touring the Boeing Factory
* Train trip to Vancouver Canada for a day
* Viewing Mount Rainer and Mount St Helens
* Visiting Crater Lake, Oregon
* Driving through the redwoods in California
* Spending time in San Francisco
* Driving long the Big Sur
* Spending time in Los Angeles
* Touring Universal Studios, Hollywood
* Enjoying a Luau on Oahu Hawaii

Future posts will commence on the 7th May 2012 and hopefully we will capture some of our best snaps and place them into this blog as soon as we have access to a Wifi service or other internet media whilst on our travels. We encourage any comments as we go. If there are any difficulties just sent comments using our internet address. We will check our inbox on a daily basis.



  1. Very jealous! I hope you both have a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!


  2. Happy birthday annie

    Dawn n Greg