Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 37 - 12th June 2012

Photograph 1 - This is mountain about 14,300 feet high, taken from the Monarch Pass near Garfield, Colorado - can you recognise this mountain image in many films? Did you guess it - let us know??? The answer is the last two words in my narrative below (the letters are reversed and in capitals).

Photograph 2 - A panorama view of the Collegiate Peaks along Road 24, Buena Vista, Colorado. (double click to enhance this picture).

Photograph 3 - A panorama view of the mountains south of Leadville, Colorado (double click to enhance this picture).

Photograph 4 - Street view of Leadville, Colorado - the highest incorporated city in the US (10,430 feet).

Photograph 5 - A tourist train passing through Loveland Pass (near Denver), Colorado (11,990 feet).

Photograph 6 - Passing through Berthoud Pass (11,315 feet) near Winter Park, Colorado.

Photograph 7 - Our Hi-Country Haus accommodation, Winter Park, Colorado (at 9,200 feet)

It has been great weather since we arrived in the western states of the US. And today continues to be great. We left Gunnison in an easterly direction and passed through massive mountains to the Rocky Mountains National Park. We crossed over six 10,000 feet mountains/passes to reach Winter Park. The views are spectacular. Colorado is a state of surprises. The air at the top of these passes is rarified and noticeable when pushing yourself beyond walking pace. We did stop at Monarch Pass and discovered the oncoming mountain is a famous film image (see photograph one above). We then stopped at Leadville - recognised as the highest Inc city is the US. It is an old gold/mining city (really a town) and shops selling all types of gemstones are abundant. We did buy some interesting jewellery for gifts!! Onwards we met the I-70 a major interstate highway and passed through a long huge tunnel that pop us out at Loveland Pass. Here we witnessed another tourist train puffing away below in the valley. Lots of people screaming from open carriages without roofs - reminds us of Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons. When we reached Winter Park we couldn't find our accommodation - our Navman did fail this time. We had to enquire at the local Visitor's Centre for directions. Winter Park is a location very similar to Aspen when in winter thousands of skiers ascend the high mountains that surround this beautiful place. The elevation here is about 9,200 feet. Our accommodation is a condominium and is a great respite from the hotels we have been staying in. We have all the essentials to cook our own meals - ovens, frig, microwave, utensils, cutlery and crockery. Even the glasses are made of glass instead of plastic!!! We have five rooms including two bedrooms. Anne is over the moon as this is located in a very quiet part, within a forested area (still no bears) and we are here for three nights. Tomorrow we could go to Denver or go into the Rocky Mountain National Park or just do nothing - regardless we will be sleeping in. Cheers. SERUTCIP TNUOMARAP

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