Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 55 - 30th June 2012

Photograph 1 - Inside the Boeing Factory "Future of Flight" building, Everett, Washington. The vertical stabiliser in the background is an actual item from a 747 original series that has flown many hours across the world.

Photograph 2 - The world's biggest building (in volume), the Boeing Factory at Everett, (near Seattle) Washington. It looks small from where the photo was taken, however, inside is massive. Those are brand new $300M USD 787 Dreamliner aircraft parked in front - probably for ANA or Japan Airlines.

Photograph 3 -  A Dreamlifter aircraft at the Everett Boeing Factory. There are only four in existence. They are used to convey large aircraft parts from other factories around the world.

Photograph 4 - A brand spanking new Boeing 747-8 waiting to take the green preservative off before painting. At the Everett Boeing Factory.

Photograph 5 - A new Dreamliner Boeing 787. It appears to be waiting for engines. These aircraft are 50% made from composite materials (plastic in other words). This material is lighter and much more fuel efficient. The important aspect inside this aircraft is more leg room for passengers.....we are yet to see this! At the Everett Boeing Factory.

Photograph 6 - In the Seattle Food Market. Being a Saturday the market was packed out with people. This is some of the delicious seafood on offer.

Photograph 7 - Same as above. The lobster tails were huge!

Photograph 8 - Basically the centre of Seattle. The corner of 3rd Avenue and Pine Street.

It was overcast today. A bit of rain occurred but it didn't worry us. We were collected from our hotel at 9:15am for the Boeing Factory tour. It is located north of Seattle at a suburb called Everett. It has its own airfield (Paine Airfield) and more significantly has the worlds biggest building in volume. So big it has its own climate inside.....the building is huge. There are three daily shifts for 45,000 workers. It has a complex underground tunnel system and can manufacture several 747s, several 777s and many new 787 (Dreamliners) inside the building at the same time. Our tour was okay, but Boeing will not allow cameras, cellphones, or any electronic devices inside that building. So....that is the reason why we have not added any photos above. On the good side there was a Dreamlifter parked outside and only four are in existence. We returned back to the centre of Seattle at 2pm and certainly Anne had to visit her favourite shop at Macy's. Their clothes are soooooo cheap and hard not to buy. Also in Seattle we visited the Food Market and it was packed out. The seafood, flowers and fruit on offer at the stalls were extremely fresh. And the seafood as in lobsters, prawns, salmon and other North American fish were huge. We had a lunch/dinner at one of the diners and glutton ourselves into a seafood platter - yum. Well tomorrow it's time to leave Seattle. We wish we could stay for a few more days - the city has lots to offer. We crank up Connie tomorrow and head south for a place called Salem in Oregon (no not the witches of Salem as back in them old colonial days - that town is over in the New England region of USA). Depending on time we may divert and visit Mount Rainer just south of Seattle. However we will be happy just to view the 14,000 feet mountain from afar. Cheers

Oh by the way all you readers of this blog. And especially those who know Anne. It is her birthday on the 4th of July (next Wednesday). For those who may want to wish her a happy birthday please send it to her a day before (we are about 17 hours behind Sydney). I'm certain she would love to hear from her good friends and acquaintances. For those who do not have our email address (Unfortunately I cannot give our email address in this blog) please contact our dancing friends (Michael & Peter Cs, David W and so on) I'm certain they will oblige.  Neil

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