Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 67 - 12th July 2012

Photograph 1 - The front aspect to the New York, New York Hotel. This is just across the road to the MGM Grand and near our accommodation. Note the cloudy skies!

Photograph 2 - The entrance to the Mad Onion inside Hooters. Meals are under $10 USD and are huge and one of the best venues in Las Vegas.

Photograph 3 - An electronic roulette table in Hooters. What more can gamblers ask for?

Photograph 4 - Anne decide to give up $1 USD to gamble in Las Sex and the City machine  was carefully selected. After two spins she won a whole $29 USD. Not to be disappointed she collected the booty and happy that she had ripped off the MGM Grand casino. It was a good Anne has more Macy money for Honolulu!!!!

Photograph 5 - Looking out of our 38th floor balcony. A desert storm bringing desert dust to Las Vegas - along with high winds. A Las Vegas storm does not have rain.

It is an unusual day here in Las Vegas. It is overcast and looks like it will rain. The locals know it will not because this city only receives drizzle only a few days of the year. All we did today is ensure that we have exit seats on our flight to Hawaii tomorrow. We went on line exactly 24 hours before the flight (9:05am) and grab those precious seats - for a cost naturally. It's first in first served basis. After confirming our flight we walked to Tropicana Hotel and visit their "The Mob" tour. It is an interactive walk around rooms that have been set up to take you back to the 1920's. They had people dressed up as gangsters and helping us deliver packages to the "Boss". Also there is a museum of famous gangsters and their life history - and in some cases their early demise. It was okay and good to kill (no not killing people but time) a few hours today. For dinner we are going to have our meal at Hooters. There is a restaurant called "Mad Onions" that serve excellent and rather inexpensive meals. Ironically, Anne cannot eat onions and ordering meals at the Mad Onion appears to be a contradictory. Tomorrow it will take six hours to fly to Honolulu, however being three hours behind it will be three hours difference from Las Vegas. It will be great to return to Hawaii the place of our first embarkation to the US. Cheers.

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