Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 69 - 14th July 2012

Photograph 1 - Anne tying up loose ends regarding pearls. At the International Market - directly across the road from our hotel, Waikiki, Hawaii.

Photograph 2 - A colony of mongoose  (or is it mongeese) at Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 3 - Paradise Cove - on the west side of O'ahu, Hawaii.

Photograph 4 - Canoe riggers at Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 5 - Anne trying out the spear throwing - totally missed the target altogether. At Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 6 - Neil having a go! Almost a bulls-eye. At Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 7 - Coconut climber showing how to collect coconuts. At Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 8 - A stray and adventurous mongoose at the base of the stage (while a show was going on). At Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 9 - Hula dancers while the king (in red) looking on. The start of the main show at Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 10 - A lovely Hawaiian girl showing the crowd a sample of lu'au food at Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 11 - Doing the haka - New Zealanders performing at Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 12 - Dancing to the Hawaiian Wedding Song. This picture shows how the fine the hand movements are during this dance. Paradise Cove, Hawaii.

Photograph 13 - Finishing the show at Paradise Cove, Hawaii. Hula dancers in full costumes.

Photograph 14 - Our crazy bus escort enticing all passengers to live-it-up as we are approaching Waikiki. Hawaii.

What a great day in Honolulu. The islands are in the middle of the summer and the temperature is perfect. Cool sea breezes are all through the day and nothing could be better. No wonder Hawaii is a popular destination place. We headed to Ala Moana which is a big shopping complex about six miles or so from Waikiki. Macy's were having a big sale on clothes and Anne couldn't resist. Designer label clothes reduced from $100 to $17 we could not go wrong - hah. After the shopping spree the question arises - how do we fit these into our already oversized bags? Returning to our hotel it wasn't long before we boarded our Paradise Cove bus to the lu'au venue. Our bus escort - a young ADHD Hawaiian was a barrel of laughs. He entertained us all the way to the venue and on the way back. He kept calling us "cousins" which is the Hawaiian way of addressing each other here. He had all of us screaming and going along with disco music that would look like a party was going on inside the bus from anybody outside. In fact he'd refer to other buses as having "ugly" people. The la'ua at Paradise Cove was okay. They gave us four complimentary cocktails each and showed us samples of Hawaiian life such as, coconut gathering, canoe rigging, fishing, cooking pig lu'au style, spear-tossing, tattooing, hair braiding etc etc. The show was great and the food - well   poi (made from taro root) is crap. - We reckon if you tasted clag it would taste the same. If anybody who is visiting Hawaii for the first time a lu'au is a must.

Today is Day 69 and tomorrow is our last full day in Hawaii and the USA before we fly back to Oz. We really don't want to go back (only to say hi to all our friends, pat our doggies and await for our first grandchild to come along) . We could do another 10 weeks or so around the US - if only time and money allow us! We'll have one more post before we depart and that's it. So - until tomorrow - cheers.

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