Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 71 - 16th July 2012

Photograph 1 - Our last morning in Waikiki - a beautiful blue picture from an awesome place.

Photograph 2 - A rare photo of Duke's Bar, Waikiki - why? It's empty! Taken in the wee breakfast hours. This is our favorite haunt for those great lava flow cocktails, great nachos and a great barman name Justin. He gave us complimentary drinks on arrival and a great conversationalist.

Photograph 3 - Surprise surprise! We booked a taxi from our hotel to take us to the airport. A "stretcho" was available for the same we went in luxury. Taken outside our hotel in Waikiki.

Photograph 4 - As in photograph 3 but inside.

Our flight is due to leave at 1245 and we left, very sadly remind you, at 0945 in a stretched limo. What a surprise! One of these beastie's was available and the baggage people arranged it for us. We did go for a walk along Waikiki to soak up our last memory of this wonderful place before we checked-out. We are writing this narrative in the Hawaiian Airlines Premier Lounge and taken advantage of their free internet. We have one more hour to board and 12 hours later we should be back in Sydney - hopefully to a warm winter's night. Cheers.

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