Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 2 - 8th May 2012

We have a bit of time to place a short burst in our blog. After a good nights' sleep today we walked three plus kilometres to the Ala Moana shopping mall. More clothes were bought and our holiday savings slightly decreasing. The weather is surprisingly cool - not hot as the tropics in Malaysia etc. The people in Honolulu are extremely friendly and polite. We have two setbacks with our itinerary so far. Tomorrow's tour of Pearl Harbour is postponed due to a bloody cruise ship taking over all entry tickets. The tour company that we had booked back in January were very apologetic and requested if we could go on Thursday instead. So... tomorrow we had changed our plans to climb Diamond Head, however, we found out today it is closed due to repairs in the car park and trail. With a day off tomorrow we contacted the local ballroom dancing meetup (that's the American word for a dance meeting) and they have invited us to attend their dance tomorrow at noon. Also Saturday night is their big gig. They said they put on waltzes, foxtrots, rumba and stuff that we do. The only dances that we can't do is their West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing. Apparently their hall (The Palladium) is huge. The attached photograph are hula dancers who were performing "free" to the public on Waikiki Beach at dusk.

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