Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 8 - 14th May 2012

We left Honolulu today on a 3pm flight to Las vegas. We upgraded our seat for exit row seats and with a fully-seated flight was a good move. The flight took 5.5 hours and was not without incident. About one hour into the journey an medical emergency occurred. Apparently one young American girl needed assistance from anybody with a medical qualification. After 30 mins she was sent down the back of the aircraft and endued the remaining flight to Las Vegas. At one stage we thought we may have to return to Honolulu. We landed at Las Vegas at 11:30pm and found our MGM Signature Hotel in due course. Checked in and sent to a Penthouse Suite on the on the 33rd floor in Tower 3 - wow - what a view (see the photo). That's it for the day and tomorrow will be our walk along the Strip!!! We write more about our accommodation in the next post.

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