Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 25 - 31st May 2012

Photograph 1 - Somewhere along coastal Long Island Sound, Connecticut, near New Haven.
Photograph 2 - A typical Long Island house near Stamford, Connecticut.
Photograph 3 - Somewhere just south of New York City in New Jersey - copying our beloved coat hanger.
Photograph 4 - Skyline of Philadelphia, from our Amtrak coach.
Photograph 5 - Washington DC is full of diversity - a gay bar & restuarant in Arlington.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We now have finshed our North-Eastern USA leg of our holiday. We are now back in Washington DC after an eight hour train journey from Boston. We left this olde city at 8:15am and we were sad to see Boston in our wake. The journey south followed the coastal states of Connecticut, Rhode Island (why they called it an island baffles us), New York State, New Jersey, Pennslyvannia, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. So far we have visited 12 states, one district and one Canadian Dominion (Ontario). We loved Boston with Washington DC coming in second as our best visit. New York City was okay but just to be there and see the popular sites was all it's worth - we wouldn't live there. We arrived in DC at 4:15pm and caught a cab to Arlington on the other side of the Potomac River, near the Pentagon and only 1.5 miles away from our vehicle pick-up tomorrow. We ventured nearby and found a hive of local bars and restaurants, including specific joints for the gay & lesbian types. It's freedom and diversity here in DC!!! Must be that constitutional right that every person has a right to bear arms!!!! (a sick joke - sorry, I'll have another beer and retract those words). We had a huge dinner nearby and just a small order turns out to be a feed for an army - nothing is small in the US. On the same note, to buy a small Zero Coke in the US you would receive a "bucket" 550ml bottle! Tomorrow we pick-up our Ford Mustang and head off south to the Confederate states of the Carolinas and Georgia. It will be interesting being on our own now and no tour guide to lead and drive us around. It should be fun. So....until Portsmouth VA - our next night...see yah.

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